If you’re someone who is considering cosmetic dentistry to achieve your dream smile, you might be curious about the costs associated with these transformative treatments.  

UK residents have been increasingly drawn to Turkey’s thriving dental tourism industry, as it offers an attractive alternative to more expensive UK dental care. But what is the truth behind these cost differences?  

In this blog, we’ll explore where you can expect to pay more for a range of different cosmetic dentistry treatments, whether it’s in beautiful, sunny Turkey, or at home in the UK. Let’s find out!  

Which Country is More Affordable? 

Let’s break down 4 of the most common cosmetic dental procedures and compare their costs in Turkey and the UK to find out country is the more cost-effective option: 

1. Dental Veneers 

In the UK, porcelain or laminate veneers can range from £500 to £1,200 per tooth. In Turkey, you may find prices starting at £250 to £450 per tooth, providing a remarkable cost advantage.  

At VK Smile Studio, the most you can expect to pay for our Laminate (Leaf Porcelain) Veneers is £215, which is even less than the average Turkey cost.  

2. Dental Implants 

The cost of a single dental implant can vary from £1,000 to £2,500 or more in the UK. In Turkey however, the same procedure typically starts at £450 to £800 per implant, with our personal dental implant services ranging from £425 to £700.  

3. Teeth Whitening 

Teeth whitening in the UK typically ranges from £300 to £600 for professional in-office treatments. Take-home kits or over-the-counter products may also be available at lower prices, but their effectiveness can vary.  

The average cost for professional teeth whitening in Turkey is around £300, which matches the VK Smile Studio cost.  

4. Emax Crowns 

The UK cost of Emax crowns can vary widely, ranging from £400 to £1,200 per crown. Whereas in Turkey, you can expect to find Emax crowns priced competitively, starting at approximately £200 to £600 per crown, and just £215 with our dental experts.  

*Note: the average UK and Turkey prices are estimates and may vary.  

Travel and Accommodation 

When considering cosmetic dentistry in Turkey, it’s essential to factor in travel and accommodation expenses. Fortunately, Antalya, Turkey, is a popular tourist destination with a wide range of affordable accommodation options.  

The savings on dental treatments often offset these additional costs, making Turkey an attractive choice for dental tourists. At VK Smile Studio, we offer free return transfer services between the airport, your hotel and our clinic, and also offer a free hotel stay valid for full package treatments . We’re committed to helping you finally achieve your perfect smile – no matter what it takes. 

The Currency Advantage 

One of the key reasons why cosmetic dentistry in Turkey can be more affordable than in the UK is the currency exchange rate. The Turkish Lira typically offers a favorable exchange rate for international visitors, making all necessary payments completely economical. 

VK Smile Studio in Antalya, Turkey, is renowned for providing world-class cosmetic dentistry at a fraction of the cost you might find in the UK. The lower overhead expenses, coupled with competitive pricing, enable us to offer top-tier treatments without compromising quality. 

Why Not Discover What Turkey Has to Offer? 

In conclusion, cosmetic dentistry in Turkey offers exceptional value for money without compromising on quality. Turkey’s appeal extends beyond just dental treatments. Antalya, with its rich history, stunning beaches, and vibrant culture, provides a captivating backdrop for your dental journey.  

When choosing VK Smile Studio for your cosmetic dentistry needs, you not only benefit from cost-effective treatments but also from the expertise of our highly skilled dental professionals. So why wait? Let’s achieve your perfect smile together – why not get in touch with our experts today?  

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