1490 GBP
  • 4 Straumann Medentika Dental Implants
  • 12 Temporary Teeth (Fixed Denture)
  • Free Transfers (Airport pick-up, hotel, clinic, Airport Drop-off)
  • Hotel Stay with Bed & Breakfast During Treatment
  • Mouth Guard
  • Consultation
  • 3D Dental tomography &Panoramic X-Ray
  • Local Anesthetics
  • Anti-biotics, Pain killers, mouth wash etc.
  • Laboratory Fees
  • The Dentist’s Time & Work

All on 4 is a concept of loading fixed full-arch prosthesis on the implants during a session where 4 implants are applied in a toothless jaw.
All on 4 is a concept of loading fixed full-arch prosthesis on the implants during a session where 4 implants are applied in a toothless jaw.

In All on 4 concept, there is a direct connection between the implants and the prosthesis, and the prosthesis applied is fixed. The screw connection between the implant and prosthesis ensures that the prosthesis remains stable, and a great comfort and advantage are provided for the patients owing to this property.

In the concept of all on 4, there is provided a substantial surgical advantage, as well as its prosthetic advantage of making fixed prostheses with 4 implants. In the traditional implant application, we usually use 6 or 8 implants for a fixed prosthesis. With the concept of all on 4, we can offer a fixed prosthesis comfort to the patients by a small number of surgical procedures by applying a fixed prosthesis with 4 implants.

The surgical application of all on 4 includes a number of technical differences as compared to the traditional implant applications. During the application, 2 implants in the middle are placed parallel to each other, while the other 2 implants are placed at an angle of 45 degrees. With this angular difference, it is aimed to distribute the chewing force to a broader surface, and thereby a chewing force which is close to the load carried by 6 or 8 implants is allowed to be carried by 4 implants.

All on 4 treatment offers both minimal surgery and a more economical solution to the patients, especially for patients at risk of surgical applications due to osteoporosis in the posterior regions of the jaws, by limiting the surgical procedure and implant application only to the anterior region of the jaw. The most important advantage is that temporary teeth are applied to the patients on the day of the procedure and the social and functional problems of toothlessness are eliminated.

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