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What should we expect from the dental implants?

The dental implants have been identified as the artificial roots applied in place of missing teeth. During the 70s, which were the first years of the dental implant applications, they were indicated for the single tooth deficiency, whereas today, we can offer them our patients as a solution option in almost every case from single tooth deficiency to complete toothlessness.

What are the application areas for a dental implant?

• Complete toothlessness
• Multiple teeth deficiency
• Common tooth infections
• People who cannot use a palatal denture
• Single tooth deficiencies

For whom a dental implant is applied?

Implants can be applied to all healthy individuals who have completed their growth and development.

What are the advantages of implants?

• In the case of single tooth deficiency, the teeth adjacent to the cavity are protected by the implant application.
• The bone to which an implant is applied is enabled to function and thus, is protected from osteoporosis which is an inherent result of non-functionality.
• Loss of self-confidence due to tooth deficiency is eliminated.
• It is a good option for people who cannot use palatal denture stably.
• A healthier nutrition is provided.
• An increased aesthetic appearance is obtained.

How the implant is applied?

In our clinic, all implant applications are carried out together with 3D radiological examinations.

As a result of a detailed radiological and clinical examination, the procedure is performed by anaesthetizing the process area with local anesthesia.

Implant applications can be comfortably performed under local anesthesia.

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