porcelain veneers Turkey

Laminate Veneers Turkey

Laminate porcelain veneers in Turkey are an incredible innovation in cosmetic dentistry. These thin, custom-made materials are bonded to the front surface of the teeth, requiring minimal to no tooth structure removal. They offer a remarkable solution for colour and shape defects in the front teeth, as well as enamel defects and diastema closure.

Here at VK Smile Studio, porcelain laminate veneers in Turkey at our clinic are used as an alternative to full crowns (outer covers) for covering the enamel defects, masking the discolouration of the teeth, and removing the spaces between the teeth (diastema closure). The most important advantage over dental veneers is that it can provide natural and aesthetic results using a low level of treatment, and even without touching the natural teeth at all in certain circumstances.

One notable advantage of laminate veneers is their thinness. With an average thickness of 300-500 microns, these veneers are incredibly delicate yet durable. The thinness of porcelain increases the light transmittance and provides a more natural appearance. Our leaf porcelains are produced using CAD/CAM technology.

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Our Laminate Porcelain Veneers Process

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Why Choose VK Smile Studio for Your Laminate Porcelain Veneers Turkey?

Transformative Aesthetics:

VK Smile Studio’s porcelain veneers Turkey can conceal a range of imperfections, from discoloration to misalignment, providing you with a radiant new look.

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