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Zirconium is also pronounced as a zircon or zirconia in dentistry. Zirconium is the name of the element and the correct pronunciation in dentistry is “Zirconia Crown”. We will use the expression Zirconia Crown in its correct form for the remaining part of our text.

Zirconia crowns are usually applied as a veneer. Zirconia veneers contain zirconium, which is a white and transparent material, instead of gray colored metals.

Due to this feature, a higher light transmittance, a healthier gingiva adaptation and a more aesthetic appearance are obtained.

As the zirconium veneers do not contain metal in their infrastructure, they provide a much more natural and aesthetic appearance than the conventional veneers.
Zirconia veneers successfully meet the aesthetic and functional expectations.
Today, we can safely apply the zirconia veneers obtained from specially developed zirconium blocks both to meet the aesthetic expectations in the front teeth and to enable them to provide enough resistance to the chewing forces in the posterior teeth.

The most important point that should not be forgotten by our patients in the zirconia veneers is that the quality of the blocks from which zirconia is obtained will directly affect the result that will be achieved in the oral applications. The zirconia veneers obtained from the zirconia blocks of high quality (Katana Noritake, Amann Girrbach etc.) are more resistant and provide a more natural and aesthetic appearance. The use of zirconium blocks of high quality is directly proportional to the prices of the zirconia veneers. It is important for patients to consult the physicians they trust and to obtain the information of the materials applied to them

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