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Travel time to Turkey Antalya and Mersin

After your the trip date is settled, we’ll make your hotel reservation. Airport and hotel transfers will be scheduled before your arrival. When you arrive, your treatment will be done as planned.

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Hollywood Smile

Many people apply to the dental clinics and other healthcare institutions with the photographs of celebrities they want to look like. As a result, the smiles of the Hollywood stars, which have the highest popularity, have been very popular and the dentists applied these smiles to their patients in line with the demand from their patients. The increasing and widespread use of these applications has brought up the concept of “Hollywood Smile” and some golden rules have been introduced.

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Turkey Antalya Dental Implant


VK ?

Why Vk ?

Dental care is a crucial procedure that cannot be dealt with inexperienced places. When you sit in a dental chair, you don’t entrust only your oral health to the dentist but also expect a beautiful and functional smile. Given thousands of continuous repetitive adverse incidents worldwide, which the patients looking for dental care have experienced, you should minimize the risk and do healthy research when looking for dental treatment abroad and in Turkey

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Why Should You Come to Turkey For Dental Care?

Having occupied the place among the best three locations in dental treatment, Turkey offers invaluable opportunities for international patients. Thanks to its efficient health framework and advantageous position of other currencies against the Turkish lira, international patients pay less than 70% more in Turkey than in other countries such as the US and UK.