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Root Canal Dental Treatment in Turkey

Root canal procedure in Turkey saves the tooth from further destruction and restores it from the inside.

VK Smile Studio offers the highest quality and the most favourable and competitive root canal treatment cost Turkey.

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Root Canal Dental Treatment: What Is It?

Root canal or endodontic treatment is a procedure aimed at removing infection from the tooth root canal and clearing it of bacteria and other materials that cause inflammation.

This procedure is often performed when a tooth is affected by decay to the point that the dental pulp (the soft inner core of the tooth containing nerves, blood vessels and connective tissue) becomes inflamed or infected.

The goal of this dental procedure is to save the tooth and prevent extraction while maintaining its structure and functionality.

How Much for a Root Canal Treatment Turkey?

Root canal treatment cost Turkey ranges from £100 to £300 on average.

If root canal treatment requires additional procedures or special techniques due to the case’s complexity, this may affect the root canal crown cost Turkey.

How Is Root Canal Dental Procedure Performed?

This procedure at VK Smile Studio covers several basic steps.

Preparation and Anaesthesia

Before the procedure begins, the dentist will develop the treatment plan and administer local anaesthesia to ensure comfort during the procedure.

This is usually done with an injection near the tooth that will be treated.

Access to the Inner Tooth Part

Once the anaesthesia begins to take effect, the dentist will create access to the inside of the tooth. This may involve removing part of the tooth crown or creating a hole in the tooth root, depending on the location of the lesion. 

In some cases where the tooth crown is inaccessible or unimportant, the dentist may create an opening in the root to access the canals.

Root Canal Procedure

The dentist cleans the canals of infected tissue, bacteria, and other materials with special instruments. The canals are also widened to allow sufficient access and flushing.

The canals are washed with special solutions to remove bacteria. Antiseptic medications may be used to disinfect and prevent the recurrence of infection.

Filling the Space

After the canals are cleaned, enlarged and disinfected, they are filled with a material to prevent reinfection.

The tooth can be treated with a crown or filling to restore its structure and functionality.

This process may take several visits to the dentist, especially if the infection is complex or widespread.

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Types of Root Canal Procedures

Root canal dental treatment in Turkey at VK Smile Studio can be nonsurgical (endodontic) or surgical (apicoectomy).

Nonsurgical Treatment

Nonsurgical or endodontic root canal treatment is a standard procedure for saving a tooth when the dental pulp (the soft inner tooth core) becomes inflamed or infected, but there is no need for surgery.

This procedure is usually an effective method of saving a tooth from extraction when the potential for preservation of tooth structure has not been lost.

Surgical Treatment or Apicoectomy

Surgical root canal procedure, known as an apicoectomy, sometimes becomes necessary when nonsurgical procedure fails or is not optimal. 

This option is usually considered in cases where nonsurgical treatment is ineffective due to anatomical features or difficulties in accessing the roots of the tooth, as well as in the presence of resistant infection or other complications.

Root Canal Dental Treatment Benefits

Root canal procedure at VK Smile Studio has several benefits, including:

Indications for Root Canal Dental Treatment

Indications for root canal procedure at VK Smile Studio include the following conditions and symptoms:

Dental Procedure Aftercare

After dental treatment in Turkey is completed, it is crucial to follow certain oral care measures to ensure a quick recovery and prevent complications from occurring.

After the procedure, continue to brush your teeth regularly. Alcohol consumption and smoking can slow down the healing after a dental procedure.

If your dentist gives you any medications or antiseptic solutions to use after the procedure, take them as directed by your doctor.


A root canal infection can present with different signs:

  • sharp or throbbing pain;
  • tooth sensitivity when lightly pressing on it;
  • sensitivity to temperature changes;
  • swelling or abscess around the tooth;
  • the appearance of pulpitis.

Simple cases of infected canals can be treated in one or two sessions, while more complex cases, such as teeth with multiple canals or complications, may require more time and sessions.

Root canal procedure is usually performed under local anaesthesia, which allows the patient to feel minimal or no pain during the procedure.

After the application of anaesthesia, most patients feel only mild pressure or discomfort associated with the dentist’s work. 

Yes, repeat or revision root canal treatment is possible if the initial procedure fails or the infection recurs.

Yes, root canal treatment in Turkey can be the best option for dental vacation.

Benefits of root canal procedure in Turkey for dental tourists include:

  • high quality of medical care;
  • affordable prices;
  • tourism opportunities;
  • convenience and comfort;
  • large selection of clinics and specialists.

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Why Should You Come to Turkey For Dental Care?

Ranked among the top three destinations for dental treatment, Turkey provides invaluable opportunities for international patients. With its efficient healthcare system and the advantageous currency exchange rate against the Turkish lira, patients from abroad enjoy savings of up to 70% compared to other countries like the US and UK.

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