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VK Smile Studio Oral and Dental Health is a successful dental clinic chain established by Dr Veysel Çeçen and Dr Kenan Sevi. Their names represent VK.

Dr Veysel Çeçen’s interest in dentistry led him to pursue a career in this field. After graduating from Çukurova University Faculty of Dentistry, he completed his master’s degree abroad and returned to Turkey to establish VK Smile Studio with his school friend Dr Kenan Sevi. VK Smile Studio grew rapidly and opened branches in different cities. Currently, it is a large dental polyclinic chain with more than 200 employees in 7 branches, with branches in Yenişehir, Mezitli, Çarşı, Çarşı, Forum, Gaziantep and Mardin, the centre of which is Antalya.

Today, VK Smile Studio has become a chain of high quality dentistry services. By establishing their own laboratory, they have successfully realised their goal of providing the best service to their patients.

The achievements of Dr Veysel Çeçen and Dr Kenan Sevi form the basis of VK Smile Studio and make it a leading dental health institution

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