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Zirconium dental implants at VK Smile Studio in Turkey will surprise you with their competitive and affordable cost while also having high quality and guaranteed long-term results.

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Zirconium Dental Implants: What Is It?

Zirconia dental implants in Turkey are made from zirconium oxide ceramic, a highly durable, metal-free and biocompatible material. They aim to restore missing teeth and are an alternative to titanium ones.

Zirconium implants have a high degree of biocompatibility since they do not cause allergic reactions and are well-accepted by the body.

They are highly durable, ensuring long-lasting and reliable tooth replacement. 

Zirconium Dental Implants Cost in Turkey

The cost of zirconia dental implants in Turkey depends on the clinic’s location, the specialist’s experience and the number and complexity of implantations.

In general, prices for zirconium implant treatment in Turkey range from £200 to £550. However, these are only approximate figures, and the final cost will be determined after consultation with a doctor at VK Smile Studio.





















Full Mouth





Single Implants




What Is the Difference Between Zirconium and Titanium Dental Implants?

Zirconium and titanium dental implants both serve the purpose of replacing missing teeth, but they have a few key differences.

Titanium implants are made from titanium, a metal known for its strength. Zirconium implants are made from zirconium oxide ceramics.

Titanium implants are usually metal silver in colour and may be visible when you smile, especially if the gums are retracted.

Typically, zirconium teeth implants are more expensive compared to metal ones due to the more complex manufacturing process and materials.

Zirconium Dental Implants Benefits and Disadvantages

Although zirconia teeth implants in Turkey require some expertise to place them, their benefits make them an attractive choice for many patients.

Zirconium Dental Implant Benefits

Zirconium dental implant treatment has several following benefits:

Zirconium Dental Implant Disadvantages

Despite the many benefits, zirconium dental implants also have some disadvantages:

Who Is Suitable for Zirconium Dental Implants?

Installation of zirconia teeth implants in Turkey has the following indications: 

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Dental Implantation Types

All dental treatment methods at VK Smile Studio are effective and provide patients with the opportunity to restore dentition function and aesthetics.

Single implantation aims to restore one missing tooth. This method involves placing a single implant into the bone tissue of the jaw or upper jaw, after which a crown is attached to it.

This method allows for accurately restoring a missing tooth without damaging neighbouring teeth. In addition, the implant stimulates bone tissue, which helps maintain its volume.

Zygomatic implants are used to replace all teeth in dentition. This method involves installing several screws into the cheekbone tissue to secure the prosthesis.

They provide a stable and functional replacement of all teeth, which can improve a patient’s quality of life by allowing them to chew, speak and smile without problems.

This method allows immediate implant loading after its placement, which means that prosthetic replacement can occur almost immediately after surgery. This is achieved through the use of these screws and prostheses.

This method allows patients to quickly restore the function and aesthetics of their oral cavity, avoiding the long waiting period before prosthetics.

all on 4 Dental Implant

All-on-4 is used to replace all teeth in one arch using only four implants.

This method allows patients who have lost all teeth in one arch to receive stable and functional prosthetics with a minimum number of screws and surgical interventions.

All-on-4 implantation can be recommended for patients suffering from complete or almost complete edentulism in one arch and looking for a quick and reliable solution to replace them.

All on 6 dental implants

All-on-6 is similar to All-on-4 but uses six implants instead of four to increase the stability and support of the prosthesis.

Using six screws can provide additional stability and reduce stress on each implant, which can be especially beneficial for patients with less dense bone tissue.

How Does Zirconia Tooth Implant in Turkey Work?

Treatment with zirconium dental implants at VK Smile Studio is performed as follows:

What to Consider After Zirconium Implant Treatment?

After a zirconia tooth implant in Turkey, there are several essential aspects to consider for the successful healing and longevity of zirconium screw:


Yes, zirconium dental implants at VK Smile Studio are safe for restoring lost teeth. Zirconium is biocompatible and well-accepted. It does not cause allergic reactions and ensures a strong attachment of the screw to the jawbone tissue.

The difference between zirconium implants and crowns lies in their functionality and placement location. A zirconium crown is a dental prosthetic structure placed over screws or natural teeth to restore their shape, function and appearance.

Treatment time for zirconium dental implants usually takes several months to a year, including bone healing and temporary restorations.

Turkey is popular among international patients for zirconium dental implants for several reasons.

Firstly, Turkish medical institutions have high-quality equipment and medical personnel. Many doctors and dentists were trained abroad and have international experience.

Secondly, prices for Turkish medical services are significantly lower than in many countries, including the UK, making it an attractive destination for treatment.

The cost of living expenses and other economic indicators in Turkey are lower than in the UK, which affects the cost of medical services.

In addition, competition between Turkish medical facilities and specialists may lead to more competitive prices.

It is also worth considering currency differences and tax levels, which may affect the overall cost of treatment for international patients.

Our Reviews

Why Should You Come to Turkey For Dental Care?

Ranked among the top three destinations for dental treatment, Turkey provides invaluable opportunities for international patients. With its efficient healthcare system and the advantageous currency exchange rate against the Turkish lira, patients from abroad enjoy savings of up to 70% compared to other countries like the US and UK.

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