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Cosmetic dentures at VK Smile Studio in Turkey are an excellent permanent or temporary solution for restoring missing teeth at a low and affordable cost while maintaining high quality and excellent results.

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Dentures in Turkey: What Is It?

Dentures in Turkey are artificial tooth replacements used to restore the function of lost teeth and improve the smile.

They can be removable or fixed and come in various materials such as acrylic, metal or a combination of materials.

Cosmetic dental prostheses can include complete removable dentures (where all the teeth in the gum are missing) or partial dentures (where only individual missing teeth are replaced).

How Much Is a Full Set of Dentures in Turkey?

The cost of complete dentures in Turkey ranges from £3000 to £6000 and depends on the quality of materials, the specialist’s experience, the chosen method of making the prosthesis and the geographical clinic’s location.

However, it is essential to consider that the Turkish teeth cost includes not only the cost of the prosthesis itself but also dental services, diagnostics, consultations and other additional services.

It is recommended to discuss all details and possible additional new teeth Turkey costs with your dentist at VK Smile Studio before starting treatment.

Who Is Suitable for Dentures?

Installation of cosmetic dental prostheses at VK Smile Studio may be recommended in the following cases:

Types of Dentures and Prices in Turkey

The choice between types of dentures in Turkey depends on the condition of the patient’s teeth and financial capabilities. You can make an appointment with a dentist at VK Smile Studio to determine your best treatment.

Complete Dentures

Complete dental prostheses are used to replace all dentition in the upper or lower jaw.

They are made based on a model of the patient’s jaw and represent an acrylic or metal base on which artificial teeth are installed.

Patients typically remove complete prostheses for maintenance. Dentures can be held securely in place using a vacuum, silicone sleeves, or special adhesives.

Traditional Partial Dentures

Traditional partial prostheses are used when a patient has some of their teeth but also has missing teeth that need to be replaced.

They consist of a metal base to which artificial teeth are attached. They can be held in place using clasps.

Partial dental prostheses not only restore chewing function and smile aesthetics but also prevent remaining teeth from shifting and help maintain healthy gums and jaws.

Flexible Dentures

Flexible dentures, also known as soft-backed or metal-free prostheses, are made from a soft and flexible material such as nylon resin or silicone. This material has high elasticity and strength.

They are used to replace one or more teeth and are usually recommended for patients who have metal allergies or who are not suitable for traditional dentures due to discomfort or rejection.

Immediate Dentures

Immediate dental prostheses, as their name suggests, are made immediately after teeth are removed and are placed during the same dental visit as the tooth extraction. This allows the patient to have replacement dentition immediately after extraction.

They are made in advance based on a preliminary model of the patient’s jaw so that they are ready for installation immediately after the teeth are removed. They are temporary and can later be replaced with permanent prostheses.

Implant Fixed Dentures

all on 4 Dental Implants procedure

Implant fixed prostheses are attached to implants.

They are permanent and cannot be removed. Implants act as a base for the prosthesis, providing a stable base. This allows patients to enjoy comfort and confidence in their smile without worrying about fixed dental prosthesis shifting or falling.

Snap-On Dentures

Snap-on dentures are removable prostheses attached to remaining teeth or implants using push-button mechanisms. These buttons eliminate the need for denture adhesive.

Unlike fixed dentures, Snap-on dental prostheses can be removed for maintenance. This makes it easier to care for prostheses and maintain oral hygiene.

Precision Attached Dentures

Precision prostheses are manufactured using modern technology and materials to ensure a precise fit and comfort.

They are created using detailed impressions and models of the patient’s jaw to ensure the denture’s perfect fit and stability.

Precision dental prostheses can be held in place using special locks, magnets, or other mechanical devices.

Denture Material Types in Turkey

Each cosmetic denture material has unique properties and benefits, and the choice depends on the type of treatment and the dentist’s recommendations.

Acrylic Resin Dentures

Acrylic resin, also known as acrylate, is one of the most common materials for making removable dentures, such as partials and full prostheses.

This material has high strength, making it a good choice for dentures. It also can retain its shape and colour over time.

Nylon Dentures

Nylon, also known as polyamide polymer, is used to create flexible dentures known as nylon-based prostheses.

This material is highly elastic and flexible, making it ideal for dentures that need to adapt to the shape and movements of the patient’s jaw.

Prostheses made from nylon are generally lighter and less irritating to the gums than prostheses made from other materials.

Porcelain Dentures

Porcelain is used primarily to create fixed prostheses such as crowns, bridges and veneers.

This material is resistant to dental procedures and daily use. It also has a natural appearance that blends with your teeth.

Porcelain prostheses are typically custom-made in a dental laboratory using CAD/CAM technology.

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Cosmetic Dentures Benefits

Cosmetic denture treatment at VK Smile Studio has the following advantages:

Dentures Alternative Treatments in Turkey

Each alternative treatment has its characteristics and may be recommended depending on the patient’s situation.

all on 4 Dental Implant

All-on-4 dental implantation is a method that uses just four implants to secure a full or partial prosthesis. This method is usually used to replace an entire row of teeth in one jaw.

The All-on-4 treatment avoids the need to implant each tooth, making it quick and less invasive than other methods.

All on 6 dental implants

All-on-6 dental implantation is an option that uses six implants to secure the prosthesis.

This method can be used in cases where additional stability or support is needed for the prosthesis, especially in cases of severe bone wear or high load on the posterior teeth.

All-on-6 dental treatment is usually preferred in situations where the All-on-4 may not be sufficient to provide sufficient prosthetic support.

Full Mouth Dental Implants in Turkey

Full mouth dental implantation is a procedure that uses implants to secure full prostheses in both jaws.

This treatment ensures reliable and stable fixation of the prosthesis, which allows patients to feel confident and comfortable when chewing and speaking.

Caring for Cosmetic Dentures

Caring for your cosmetic prostheses is crucial to keep them clean, fresh and long-lasting, so keep the following tips in mind:


Typically, cosmetic dentures can last between 5 and 10 years. However, individual characteristics and use may also affect this period.

The following steps should be used to clean prostheses:

  • wet the prosthesis;
  • use a soft brush;
  • use a mild cleaner;
  • clean your tongue and gums;
  • disinfect the prosthesis;
  • rinse the cosmetic denture under running water;
  • store the prosthesis in a clean container immersed in water or a special solution.

Of course, the following problems can occasionally arise with denture treatment:

  • loss of integrity or damage;
  • peeling or lack of a suitable fit;
  • irritation of the gums or tongue;
  • unpleasant odour due to insufficient cleaning or improper storage;
  • bacterial infections if prostheses are not cleaned and disinfected regularly.

If you have a problem with your prostheses, here is what you can do:

  • do not try to repair the prosthesis yourself;
  • visit your the dentist;
  • continue to care for your prosthesis as recommended by your specialist.

The time to replace a prosthesis depends on the following:

  • wear and tear of materials;
  • changes in the oral cavity;
  • need to update style;
  • the appearance of problems such as cracks, chips, loss of integrity or lack of a suitable fit.

It is recommended to visit your dentist to have your prostheses checked at least once a year.

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Ranked among the top three destinations for dental treatment, Turkey provides invaluable opportunities for international patients. With its efficient healthcare system and the advantageous currency exchange rate against the Turkish lira, patients from abroad enjoy savings of up to 70% compared to other countries like the US and UK.

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