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Dental Crowns Treatment in Turkey


Treatment with dental crowns at VK Smile Studio in Turkey allows for quick and painless restoration of damaged teeth. In addition, this country offers the most favourable prices for this procedure.

Dental crowns come in many types and benefits, allowing patients to find the best option for them.

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A Dental Crown: What Is It?

Turkey crowns teeth are dental caps placed over an existing decayed tooth.

They are used to restore the tooth’s function, shape, colour and size. Dental caps can be made from different materials.

Caps can be necessary for the following reasons:

Veneers and Dental Crowns: What Is the Difference?

Veneers (or facets) and dental caps are two different procedures.

Crowns completely cover the entire tooth, restoring its shape, function, size and colour. They are used to restore severely damaged tooth and correct its shape and colour.

Facets are thin shells applied to the front tooth’s surface to improve its aesthetics. They are used to correct enamel defects, close gaps between teeth, and change their colour and shape.

Dental Veneers in Antalya, Turkey
Dental Crowns in Turkey

Crowns or Veneers: What Is Cheaper?

Turkish teeth cost depends on the chosen clinic, materials used to make caps or facets, complexity of the case, etc.

Dentist in Turkey prices are more affordable and lower compared to the UK and other countries.

Typically, veneers are less expensive than dental caps. This is due to differences in the materials used for these dental structures and design.

Facets are often made from thin layers of porcelain, making them more affordable than traditional caps, which may require more expensive materials.

Veneers typically require less material and time to make, so they can be more cost-effective for the patient.

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Why to Choose Dental Crowns Treatment?

The choice for Turkey crowns teeth procedure may be justified due to a number of the following reasons:

Schedule a consultation at VK Smile Studio with an experienced dentist who can evaluate your smile and make recommendations.

How Much Are Crowns for Teeth in Turkey?

Prices of Turkey crowns depend on the clinic’s location, the doctor’s qualifications, the materials used and the procedure’s complexity. The cost of dental crowns in this country varies £100 to £300 per cap on average.

Turkish teeth cost may also depend on the need for additional work before installing a dental cap, such as caries or root canal treatment.

For more accurate information about dentist in Turkey prices, contact VK Smile Studio for consultation. We will consider your individual case and provide a detailed procedure plan and pricing.





Metal Porcelaine















Full Set Cost

Prices of Turkey crowns full set vary based on materials and the number of additional services included in the All-inclusive package.

The cost of a full set of dental crowns ranges from £1400 to £5000 on average.

The following additional services can be usually included in the All-inclusive package:

Dental Crown Indications

Placement of Turkey crowns teeth is recommended in the following cases:

How Is Crown Placement Performed?

The process of installing caps is usually performed in the following order:

Dental Crowns in Turkey

Dental Crown Types

The most popular and common types of dental caps are metal, ceramic, zirconium, Emax, composite resin and PFM.

Metal Crowns

Metal crowns are made from metal alloys. They have high strength and durability. These caps do not break and are designed for strong chewing forces.

The material can be very thin, which allows for a perfect fit to the tooth and prevents the development of caries under the cap.

They are usually more affordable than caps made from other materials, such as porcelain.

Porcelain Crowns

Porcelain crowns are one of the most sought-after types due to their aesthetic benefits and appearance.

They are made from a ceramic material that can be thin, transparent, and highly similar to a natural smile.

Porcelain caps do not contain a metal backing, making them an ideal choice for patients concerned about the possibility of a metallic tint.

Ceramic material provides high aesthetics as it imitates natural colour, texture and shine. It is great for front teeth, where natural appearance is crucial.

Zirconia Crowns Turkey

Zirconia crowns Turkey are one of the modern, high-tech and sought-after options that have gained popularity due to their durable and aesthetic characteristics.

Zirconium is a white metal used to create the framework of caps. Zirconia crowns Turkey can be made entirely of zirconium or have an outer ceramic layer to enhance aesthetics.

They have high transparency and light transmittance, making them look more natural compared to traditional caps.

Zirconia crowns Turkey are characterised by high biocompatibility, which means they do not irritate the gums or provoke allergic reactions.

Emax Crowns

Emax crowns

Emax dental caps are one of the modern and popular options for restoring smile.

Emax is an innovative type of ceramic that combines high transparency, durability and an aesthetically pleasing appearance.

These caps are made of lithium disilicate ceramic, a material with high strength and excellent aesthetic effects.

Due to their transparency and ability to transmit light, Emax caps look natural and inconspicuous against the background of other teeth. They also have high durability and strength, making them perfect options for a variety of dental injuries.

Composite Resin Crowns

Composite resin dental caps are made from a mixture of synthetic resins and fibreglass, providing them with high transparency and aesthetics. In addition, composite caps are also widely used for other restoration types.

Because the process of installing a composite dental cap typically requires less removal of healthy enamel, it may be preferable for some patients.

Unlike some other types of caps, composite resin crowns can be repaired if they become damaged or come off.

This type of caps may be a good choice in some cases, especially for patients who value aesthetics and minimal removal of tooth enamel.

Porcelain-Fused-to-Metal (PFM) Crowns

Porcelain-fused-to-metal (PFM) dental crowns are one of the most common and demanded types.

The base usually uses a metal alloy, such as cobalt-chrome or nickel-chrome, as the internal structure of the cap to provide strength.

The outer layer of the dental cap is made of ceramic, which provides an aesthetic appearance that imitates the colour and texture of a natural smile.

Thanks to the metal base, PFM caps are highly durable, which makes them ideal for installing on chewing places. The base ensures a precise fit of the dental cap to the tooth, which contributes to the durability of the structure.

Dental Crown Benefits

Dental caps have the following advantages:

Why Choose Turkey?

Choosing exactly this country for dental cap treatment can be beneficial for the following reasons:

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Although the low Turkish teeth cost makes some patients doubt the high quality of the caps, this is not the case.

Medical tourism in this country is developed at a very high level.

VK Smile Studio employs exclusively experienced dentists with high education and professionalism, which contributes to high-quality procedures.

Our clinic has the most modern technologies and uses cutting-edge equipment.

Prices of Turkey crowns are more affordable for the following reasons:

  • lower cost of living and production than in other countries, which is reflected in lower medical costs;
  • high competition, which motivates clinics to offer affordable prices;
  • active development of medical tourism;
  • access to quality materials, allowing clinics to offer high-quality services at favourable and low prices. 

You can find general information about the lifespan of different types of dental caps:

  • PFM caps: from 10 to 15 years;
  • zirconia crowns Turkey: from 15 to 20 years or more;
  • porcelain caps: from 10 to 15 years or longer;
  • Emax: from 10 to 15 years or more;
  • composite caps: from 5 to 10 years;
  • metal caps: from 10 years or more.

Typically, dental cap placement takes from several days to two weeks but may take longer in case of complications or individual characteristics of each patient.

If crown production is carried out on-site in the clinic using CAD/CAM technology, the process can be significantly sped up.

You can follow these guidelines for caring for your dental caps:

  • brush caps the same way as your natural teeth;
  • use gentle movements, toothpaste and a soft toothbrush to avoid damage;
  • do not bite hard objects or open packages with your teeth;
  • visit your dentist every six months for checkups and cleanings;
  • tell your doctor about any changes;
  • in case of experiencing teeth grinding during sleep (bruxism), discuss with your doctor the possibility of using a night guard;
  • avoid applying excessive pressure when brushing your oral cavity, as this can wear out the cap.

This country has become a popular destination for medical tourism and dental caps due to the following reasons:

  • the presence of modern clinics and qualified dentists, which ensures high-quality services;
  • compliance with international standards and the use of advanced technologies and materials;
  • lower cost of services than in the UK, which makes medical tourism to Turkey attractive from a financial point of view;
  • the opportunity to enjoy rich cultural Turkish heritage and attractions;
  • specialisation in dental caps and other types of services, which provides patients with access to professionals with a high level of expertise;
  • an individual approach to each patient, where the person’s needs and preferences are taken into account, and various treatment options are provided.

Why Should You Come to Turkey For Dental Care?

Ranked among the top three destinations for dental treatment, Turkey provides invaluable opportunities for international patients. With its efficient healthcare system and the advantageous currency exchange rate against the Turkish lira, patients from abroad enjoy savings of up to 70% compared to other countries like the US and UK.

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