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Emax Crowns Turkey

Emax Crowns in Turkey are the peak of aesthetics in today’s dentistry. In fact, “Emax” stands for esthetic maximum. Our Turkey Emax crowns do not contain any metal as in the other aesthetic applications. Contrary to other metal-free processes, Emax crowns excel with their incredibly thin structure. This ultra-thinness allows for maximum aesthetic appeal, enhancing your smile to perfection.

Emax Crowns Properties

  • Smooth and slippery structure for a nearly transparent appearance
  • Excellent resistance to stains and minimal tartar formation
  • Perfect adaptation to the gums for an impeccable fit
  • Not suitable for posterior teeth
  • Zirconium is a better choice for molars that endure heavy chewing forces
  • Ideal for use on incisors due to its unique structural properties
  • With proper daily oral care, Emax crowns deliver a healthy and beautiful smile for years to come
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Our Emax Crowns Turkey Process

Tell Us Your Dental Problem

Fill out the form below and let us know the problems you’re having with your teeth. You can also send us some photos and X-rays to help our professionals get a clearer picture of your dental problems.

Treatment Plan And Proposal

Once we’ve gathered your information, we’ll get to back to you within 24 hours. Our dental professionals will then assess your case and prepare a customised treatment plan.

Treatment In Turkey

After we’ve arranged your trip date, we’ll then make your hotel reservation. We’ll also schedule your airport and hotel transfers before your arrival. When you arrive, your Emax crowns in Turkey treatment will be performed as planned.

Why Choose VK Smile Studio for Your Emax Crowns Turkey?

Aesthetic Precision:

Our skilled dental professionals meticulously craft your Emax crowns Turkey to match the colour, shape, and texture of your existing teeth, ensuring a flawless and harmonious smile transformation.

Enhanced Durability:

VK Smile Studio’s Emax crowns are engineered for longevity. With their robust structure, these crowns offer remarkable resistance to wear, fractures, and staining, maintaining their allure over time.

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Emax crowns Turkey

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