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The Akdeniz Oral and Dental Health Polyclinic was founded by Dr. Veysel Çeçen and Dr. Kenan Sevi. It started with its first branch in Mersin in 2008 and rapidly expanded to a total of 7 branches in different cities. The management operates from an independent central headquarters, crucial for coordinating corporate operations.

Dr. Çeçen and Dr. Sevi expanded the chain by opening branches in various cities, establishing it as a recognized dental healthcare institution nationally and internationally. They obtained an international health tourism authorization from the Ministry of Health, offering free transfer and accommodation services to patients from abroad, contributing to the country’s economy.

Additionally, in 2023, VK Smile Studio Dental Polyclinic received the “Cosmetic Dental Clinic of the Year” award, and the brand aims to promote itself as a Mersin-based national and international brand by opening branches in all 81 provinces of Turkey and in Europe.


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VK Smile Studio 15 Years of Experience, Building Healthy Smiles

VK Smile holds a pioneering position in dental health and aesthetics with its 15 years of experience. Throughout this journey, it has achieved numerous successes in both the aesthetic and health aspects of smiles. Prioritizing each patient’s unique requests, desires, and expectations, it has embraced the principle of providing a specialized and personalized service.

This 15-year accumulation, blended with evolving technology and the latest techniques, has further strengthened VK Smile’s brand value. The construction of magnificent smiles encompasses not only aesthetic transformation but also health and functionality. Treating each patient’s smile as a unique work of art, it meticulously offers tailored solutions with the highest quality and care.

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