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Full Mouth Dental Implants Turkey Package Deals

Dental Implants in Antalya, Turkey

Turkey dental packages for full mouth dental implants at VK Smile Studio will help your teeth become perfect in the shortest possible time at the most favourable and affordable cost.

You don’t have to waste time looking for accommodation and transfers since All-inclusive packages include even such services!

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Full Mouth Dental Implants: What Is It?

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When most or all teeth are lost or need to be removed due to various reasons, full mouth Turkish dental implants can be used to restore lost chewing function, teeth aesthetics, and maintain the health of jawbone tissue.

The use of dental implants can significantly improve the patient’s quality of life by providing them with stable, strong, and functional teeth.

Full Mouth Dental Implants Turkey Price

Full mouth dental implants cost Turkey ranges from £1000 to £4000.

The total cost includes the price of the implant itself, the materials used, the specialist’s work and the prosthesis manufacture.

Dental clinics often offer All-inclusive package deals, including not only treatment but also accommodation, transfers and other additional services.





















Full Mouth





Single Implants




Turkey Dental Packages Cost

Package offers for full mouth dental implants depend on the service level, included services, quality of materials used, the experience of specialists, and so on.

All-inclusive full mouth dental implants Turkey price ranges from £1500 to £6000.

You can contact VK Smile Studio now for specific information about package pricing and included services.

What Do Full Mouth Dental Implants Turkey Package Deals Include?

Typically package deals for full mouth dental implants include the following:

Who Is the Perfect Candidate for Turkish Dental Implants?

The ideal candidate for dental implants at VK Smile Studio is a patient with the following indications:

Full Mouth Turkish Dental Implants Benefits

Dental implantation at VK Smile Studio has the following advantages:

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How to Choose the Full Mouth Dental Implants Turkey Package Deals?

When choosing an All-inclusive dental implant package deal, check the clinic’s rating, certificates of specialists, their experience and reputation.

Make sure that the package includes all necessary stages of treatment, from consultation and installation of teeth implants to fabrication and installation of the prosthesis, as well as follow-up visits and post-treatment care.

Why Does a Full Set of Dental Implants Cost the UK and Turkey Differ?

The difference in full set of dental implants cost UK and Turkey is due to the following factors:

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Dental implants usually require multiple trips to complete all stages of treatment.

The number of trips depends on your treatment plan and the technology used in the clinic.

The total number of trips for full mouth dental implants can range from 2 to 4. 

After dental implantation, it is essential to follow these recommendations:

  • pay special attention to oral hygiene (brushing teeth, using interdental brushes and rinses);
  • temporarily limit hard and hard foods;
  • maintain your overall health by quitting smoking and avoiding alcohol consumption;
  • avoid traumatic actions on teeth implants;
  • follow all your dentist’s recommendations.

Several alternative methods and dental treatments exist:

  • removable partial or complete dentures;
  • bridge structures;
  • mini-implants;
  • teeth crowns and veneers;
  • more modern implantation methods (All-on-4 and All-on-6).

Titanium is well-accepted by the body without rejection or allergic reactions. It is widely used due to its ability to integrate with jawbone tissue and durability.

The duration of osseointegration is usually about 3-6 months.

In general, the complete recovery process after dental implantation usually takes from several months to a year.

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