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Guide for Turkey Teeth

Guide for Turkey Teeth

Many people in need of dental treatments are looking for affordable options without sacrificing quality.

Turkey has become the most sought-after centre for aesthetic dentistry. But Turkey teeth term has questions about the quality and safety of services provided there.

In this article, we will look at why patients choose Turkey for dental treatment, what procedures are typically offered there, and how to ensure a positive experience.

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How Much Is Getting Your Teeth Done in Turkey?

VK Smile Studio in Turkey offers high-quality and affordable dental care. Our dentists perform complex procedures with a high level of precision and skill.

Treatment cost at VK Smile Studio dental centre Turkey is significantly lower than in the UK. For example, installing a dental implant costs from £125 to £700.





















Full Mouth





Single Implants




"Turkey Teeth": What Is It?

Turkey teeth term is used to describe cosmetic work, performed in Turkey.

It raised concerns about the quality and safety of treatment in the country as it went viral on social media, describing a trend many people are following by travelling to Turkey for inexpensive cosmetic treatments.

While some patients were pleased with their experience, others experienced negative consequences. However, not all Turkish clinics are unreliable.

How to Avoid Situations When Turkey Teeth Gone Wrong?

To avoid unsuccessful treatments and ensure a successful experience, follow these basic guidelines:

Popular Turkish Treatments

Turkey attracts people from all over the world seeking affordable dental care, offering a wide range of procedures. Some of the more popular Turkey teeth treatment options include veneers, implants, crowns, bridges, and whitening.

Laminate Veneers (Leaf Porcelain)

Dental veneers are thin facets bonded to the front teeth surface. Veneers are popular among those who want a brighter, straighter smile.

Dental implants are a treatment for missing teeth replacement with artificial tooth roots and crowns. Turkey is known for offering implants at a more affordable price than the UK.

Teeth Whitening in Turkey

Dental clinics provide professional teeth whitening treatments for discolouration and stains removal, leaving teeth whiter and brighter.

Dental crowns are used to restore damaged or severely decayed teeth, while bridges are used to fill gaps left by missing teeth.

Getting Teeth Done in Turkey Reviews and Benefits

Dental veneers and other Turkey teeth procedures are often cheaper, allowing patients to save a significant amount of money on dental treatment.

Highly qualified Turkish dentists are trained to perform a variety of dental treatments, including modern and safe veneer placement.

Turkish clinics usually have shorter waiting times than many other countries.

Turkey has invested in its dental infrastructure, and VK Smile Studio dental centre Turkey has high quality equipment and uses advanced technology.

Why Do People Choose Getting Teeth Done in Turkey?

People choose Turkish teeth cosmetic treatments for the following reasons:

Why Is Getting Teeth Done in Turkey Price So Affordable?

Accessibility of getting teeth done in Turkey price can be explained by the following:

How to Choose a Reputable Dental Centre Turkey?

Why Do People Want to Get Teeth Fixed in Turkey?

Tips for choosing a dental centre Turkey are as follows:


While choosing Turkish teeth veneers or implants abroad can be a worrying experience, it is important to remember that not all Turkish clinics are unsafe or provide poor-quality services.

In order not to waste your time researching clinics, we recommend that you sign up with a reputable and reliable VK Smile Studio dental centre Turkey!

While most patients who have undergone the Turkey teeth procedure are happy with the results, others have taken to TikTok to share their negative stories.

Many patients who wanted veneers or bite corrections were instead given crowns on each tooth without their informed consent. A crown is an invasive procedure in which the dentist removes 60-70% of the natural tooth to create a post for the crown.

There are many interesting things to do in Antalya during dental tourism, such as visiting cultural attractions such as the Old Town or ancient ruins.

You can also enjoy natural beauties such as waterfalls, picturesque beaches, cable cars and mountain slopes.

You have the opportunity to improve your health by relaxing in the Turkish bathhouse, enjoying a massage or undergoing spa treatments.

Of course, many people believe that travelling abroad for cosmetic treatment comes with risks.

However, Turkish dental treatment is definitely worth it if you choose a reliable clinic like VK Smile Studio consciously and wisely!

Even celebrities are no strangers to the dangers of Turkish teeth, and Katie Price is the latest victim to draw attention to the issue. Graphic images show her teeth were reduced to stumps during the veneer replacement procedure.

Turkey may be the most popular destination for dental tourism, but it’s not the only country attracting patients with its affordable veneers.

Croatia, Hungary, Mexico and even countries as far away as Thailand are also trying to attract patients to their clinics. While some of these countries may offer quality treatment, the risks, concerns and practical difficulties associated with getting veneers abroad remain the same. 

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