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Is It Worth Going to Turkey for Dental Implants?

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Turkey offers the most favourable prices for both single and full mouth teeth implants.

You will receive high-quality service and long-lasting results at VK Smile Studio for a very reasonable price!

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Why Do Patients Choose Dental Treatment Abroad?

All on 4 Dental Implants, Turkey: Everything You Need to Know

Dental treatment abroad with teeth implants Turkey is significantly cheaper than in the patients’ home countries due to relatively low medical costs.

Turkish dental clinics use cutting-edge technologies and equipment and follow international quality standards.

Some patients claim that the quality of dental treatment abroad is even higher than in their home countries.

Why Choose Turkey for Dental Implants?

Choosing Turkey for dental implantation can be very reasonable for the following factors:

Dental Implants: What Is It?

All on 6 dental implants

Teeth implants Turkey is a modern method of dental restoration that consists of artificial dental screws inserted into the jawbone to replace lost or damaged teeth.

This process replaces missing teeth so that they look, feel, and function like natural teeth.

Cost of Dental Implants in Turkey

The cost of dental implants in Turkey ranges from £200 to £600 per implant depending on the city, dental clinic, number of teeth implants, materials used and complexity of the treatment.

Full mouth dental implants Turkey price ranges from £1500 to £5500.

VK Smile Studio offers the lowest and most competitive cost of dental implantation.





















Full Mouth





Single Implants




Getting Tooth Implant Turkey Benefits

The answer to the question “Is it worth going to Turkey for dental implants?” can be easily given if we touch upon the topic of the benefits of dental treatment in this country.

Qualified Specialists

VK Smile Studio offers highly qualified dental professionals with specialised training and extensive experience in a variety of full mouth dental treatments, including dental implants.

We have the best dentist in Turkey for implants who constantly improve their skills and follow the latest technologies in this field.

Hygiene Standards

Our clinic always maintains high standards of hygiene and sterilisation. It is essential to prevent infections and ensure patient safety.

All instruments are sterilised and disinfected, and we carefully monitor the cleanliness of the premises

High-Quality Materials

When performing dental implant treatment, VK Smile Studio uses high-quality materials such as titanium, which is a popular material for making teeth screws due to its strength, biocompatibility and durability.

High-quality materials ensure good results and durability of dental implants.

Patient Importance

Our dental clinic pays great attention to the patients’ comfort.

A patient-centred approach creates a trusting relationship between specialist and patient, which contributes to a positive treatment experience.

We strive to provide individual approach to each patient and monitor their satisfaction. 


After full mouth dental implant treatment, we provide detailed instructions regarding subsequent care of the screws and oral cavity.

This includes recommendations for oral and teeth care, proper brushing, regular dental visits, and other important aspects to keep your teeth screws healthy and prevent complications.

Licensing and Certification

VK Smile Studio has the appropriate licences and certificates confirming our qualifications and compliance with quality standards.

We follow strict requirements to ensure successful teeth treatment.

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Our Reviews


Yes, tooth implant Turkey can often be combined with other types of treatment for dental problems.

For example, if you have gum problems that could make the implant process difficult, doctors may recommend gum treatment before placing teeth implants.

Sometimes, additional treatments, such as bone grafting, may be required to support teeth implants.

In general, there is no strict age limit for teeth implantation. It is more important that the patient has good general health and healthy gums and jawbone. 

The main criterion for successful teeth implantation is the body’s ability to heal and integrate the implants into the bone.

Yes, dental implants are considered safe, provided that the procedures are carried out in licensed clinics where hygiene standards are maintained, quality materials are used and performed by the best dentist in Turkey for implants.

It is crucial to choose a reputable clinic, check patient reviews, and ensure that doctors follow up-to-date safety protocols.

Patients can request information about qualifications from their dentist or clinic administration to ensure their professionalism.

Turkish dentists are required to have appropriate licences and certificates.

Turkish clinics often use the same dental implant techniques as Western countries, including British clinics.

The dental implant process usually relies on international standards and advanced technologies in dentistry, which allows for a high level of quality and safety in the procedures.

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