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Zirconium Veneers Price in Turkey

Dental Veneers in Antalya, Turkey

Dental veneers serve as a transformative solution to enhance a patient’s smile by covering the front surface of the teeth with thin sheets of porcelain or alternative materials.

These veneers play a crucial role in altering the appearance without the need for extensive changes to the entire tooth structure, as only the anterior part is visible during speech or smiling.

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What are zirconium veneers?

zirconia veneers turkey

Zirconia veneers in Turkey, specifically, are crafted from zirconium-containing porcelain, renowned for its durability.

These veneers can be customized in various shapes and shades to meet individual preferences.

Zirconia, in its oxidized form as zirconium oxide, eliminates the risk of allergic reactions commonly associated with metal-containing dental materials.

The opaque nature of zirconia contributes to a brilliant smile, enhancing its aesthetic appeal.


Zirconium veneers cost in Turkey

Zirconium veneers in Turkey are offered at VK Smile Studio at a starting price of £170, inclusive of additional services.

The affordability of Turkish dentistry stems from reduced operational costs for clinics, attributed to lower expenses such as rent and accessible quality medical education.

Additionally, government aid and subsidies enable clinics to procure supplies from global brands without significant cost escalation, resulting in dental services comparable to those in the UK but at prices up to 70% lower.










Zirconium Porcelain










Zirconium veneer package deals

Opting for zirconium veneers at VK Smile Studio in Turkey provides cost-effective package deals, encompassing various services to facilitate travel.

These packages include veneer installation, consultations, check-ups, anesthesia, supplementary medication, accommodation, and in-country transportation.

What is the procedure for installing veneers?

The installation of zirconium veneers typically spans a week. Due to the personalized nature of zirconium veneers tailored to fit the patient’s teeth, the process cannot be completed in a single day.

Additionally, adjustments may be necessary, requiring the patient to make multiple visits to the clinic.

Preparing the teeth

Initially, the dentist will delicately remove a portion of the enamel from the front of the teeth, creating space for the veneers. These veneers will serve as replacements for the removed enamel. Subsequently, the dentist will carefully measure the patient’s teeth to construct a model, which will then be utilized in the manufacturing process of the veneers. Temporary covers are applied to the treated teeth following the enamel removal.

After this stage, the patient can return to their hotel and await the fabrication of the veneers. The creation of these veneers is facilitated by computer-controlled equipment, utilizing the model derived from the earlier measurements of the patient’s teeth.

Installing the veneers

Dental Veneers in Antalya, Turkey

Following the fabrication of the veneers, the patient is required to return for the installation phase.

Initially, the dentist refrains from cementing the veneers; instead, they are meticulously fitted and thoroughly examined for any potential issues.

In case of misalignment with the patient’s dentition, the dentist will initiate necessary adjustments. This iterative process may involve multiple attempts until achieving an optimal fit.

Once the veneers align seamlessly with the patient’s teeth, the dentist proceeds to permanently install them, thereby concluding the entire procedure.

Why VK Smile Studio?

Opting for a zirconium veneer procedure at VK Smile Studio ensures access to top-quality dental restoration at a budget-friendly rate. Our highly skilled dentists employ state-of-the-art materials and advanced procedures, resulting in exceptionally high success rates.

Feel free to reach out to us for a complimentary consultation and secure your appointment for treatment!

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