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What Is The Best Country To Get Dental Implants?

one Dental Implants in Turkey

The cost and quality of dental implant treatment abroad can vary significantly. We will cover some of the best countries to get dental implants abroad, including Turkey, Hungary, Mexico and Thailand.

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Popular Dental Implants Countries

One day implants in Antalya

The most popular countries for dental treatment abroad are Turkey, Hungary, Mexico and Thailand.

What to Consider Choosing the Country for Dental Implants?

You can consider the following when choosing countries for dental implants abroad:

By taking the time to research and consider the factors above, you can find the country that best suits your needs and budget.

Cost of Dental Implants Abroad

Dental implants abroad cost depends on the country, dentist, and treatment complexity.

The approximate costs for installing one implant in different countries:

In addition to the implant cost, you have to consider the costs of:

Dental Implants Features

Dental implants are placed into the jawbone as tooth roots. They are usually made of titanium or zirconium. Dental implant placement success rate at VK Smile Studio is more than 95%.

Implants help maintain healthy bone tissue and prevent tooth loss. They also restore teeth function, improving speech and chewing.

The Best Country for Dental Implants

Best country for dental implants

Turkey has become one of the top countries for dental tourism due to its high-quality dental services, affordable costs and convenient locations.

Turkey is the cheapest country for dental implants since their cost is significantly lower than in all of the countries listed and the UK, making it a great option for patients on a budget.

Dental Implants Cost in Turkey

Dental implants cost abroad depends on the complexity and type of treatment and the specialist’s experience.

Typically, the cost of installing one dental implant in Turkey ranges from £125 to £700 on average. It is the cheapest country for dental implants.

You can also contact VK Smile Studio to get a free consultation.





















Full Mouth





Single Implants




Turkish Dental Tourism Benefits

Hollywood smile

Turkey is the best country for dental implants tourism because of the following:

Popular Dental Implant Treatment Locations in Turkey

The most sought-after locations in Turkey for dental treatment and tourism are:

What Is the Best Clinic in Turkey?

VK Smile Studio clinic is a leading dental implant service provider in Turkey. We offer high-quality treatment at affordable cost, and our experienced team of dentists will do everything they can to ensure you are happy with your new smile.

Our advantages:

Contact VK Smile Studio today to book a free consultation.


Yes, Turkish clinics are reliable and offer high-quality treatment. Turkey has strict standards for dental care, and dentists in the country are well-trained and experienced.

Turkey is the best country for dental implants according to the following reasons:

  • affordable cost;
  • high quality;
  • convenient geographical location;
  • tourism possibility;
  • wide range of services;
  • modern clinics;
  • no language barrier.

Dental implants abroad cost is often cheaper than in the native country of the patient. This can save patients thousands of dollars or euros on dental treatment. Patients can receive quality treatment abroad.

Upon arrival at the chosen clinic abroad, patients should check the following:

  • licenses and accreditations;
  • qualifications of dentists;
  • equipment and technologies;
  • costs and payment terms;
  • patient reviews.

If you think of dental implants, VK Smile Studio should be your choice. The high concentration of qualified dentists, the modernity of the clinic, affordable costs and convenient location make this clinic the ideal place to restore your smile.

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