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Dentist in Turkey

Dentist in Turkey

Are you planning treatment in Turkey? Are you looking for the best dentist for yourself?

Read on to understand the features of dental tourism in Turkey!

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VK Smile Studio: Who We Are?

VK Smile Studio is a modern and best dental clinic Turkey Antalya equipped with advanced equipment. We offer high-quality treatment at affordable prices.

Our team of highly qualified dentists provides a wide range of services, including:


We strive to make you feel comfortable and confident by providing a professional and multilingual service in a cosy and friendly atmosphere.

What Do We Offer?

We offer you quality dental treatment and the following:

Professional Care Provided by Experienced Team

We are one of the best dental clinics in Turkey with a team of highly qualified dentists with extensive experience and knowledge to help you achieve a healthy, beautiful smile.

Affordable Services

We offer affordable and fast dental procedures in Turkey.

With an online consultation, you can get a preliminary assessment of your health by sending us images taken in your country. 

Dental Services Cost in Turkey

Guide for Turkey Teeth

Prices for procedures in Turkey are very cheap compared to the UK.

Here are approximate prices for some popular procedures:

Choosing VK Smile Studio Benefits

Our dental clinic Turkey Antalya provides its patients with the following benefits:

We strive for maximum transparency and openness in relations with patients!

Dental Services We Offer in Turkey

Dental services such as implantation, veneers, crowns, bridges, dentures, orthodontics and whitening are in demand in the best dental clinics in Turkey.

Implantation is the replacement of lost teeth with artificial roots that are implanted into the jawbone. We employ experienced dentists who offer high-quality implants at competitive prices.

Dental Veneers in Antalya, Turkey

Veneers are thin facets of ceramic or composite bonded to your front teeth to improve their appearance. Various types of veneers are available in our centre, such as Emax or others.

Bridge Installation

Crowns are used to restore damaged teeth, and bridges are used to replace missing teeth.

Dentures can be removable or fixed. They are used to replace an entire row of teeth or just several teeth.


Orthodontic Treatment

Orthodontics is the straightening of teeth using braces. Modern orthodontic methods are available in our clinic, including the use of Invisalign invisible aligners.

Teeth Whitening in Turkey

Whitening is a procedure that brightens teeth using a laser. Laser whitening in our centre is carried out using modern technologies that provide quick and effective results.

How to Choose Dentist in Turkey?

To find the best cosmetic dentist in Turkey, follow these guidelines:

Why to Book a Consultation at VK Smile Studio?

By choosing our centre, you get:

Sign up for a consultation with us right now!


No, we do not have any hidden costs. We provide you with a complete treatment plan, including the cost of all procedures, materials and services before you begin the procedure.

Yes, we offer All-inclusive packages for some procedures, such as implantation. Such packages may include initial consultation, examination, treatment, rehabilitation, follow-up and additional services.

Turkey has become a popular dental destination due to the following factors:

  • high-quality services at affordable prices;
  • experienced and highly qualified dentists;
  • modern clinics;
  • welcoming atmosphere;
  • the opportunity to combine treatment with relaxation.

Booking a consultation with a cosmetic dentist in Turkey at our centre is very easy! You can fill out the online registration form on our website or contact us by phone listed on the website.

We are proud of our high treatment results. Our patients note the high quality of services and the long-term effect of the procedures performed.

Our Reviews

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