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How Long Do Dental Treatments Take?

Turkey Teeth: A Comprehensive Guide to Dental Care in Turkey

If you are interested in getting teeth done in Turkey but are worried about how long they last and how long dental treatment will take in Turkey, then this article will be useful for you.

You can trust that VK Smile Studio uses high-quality materials, custom-fits veneers to your smile, and has extensive experience.

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Is Getting Dental Treatment Cheaper in Turkey?

Where Do Celebrities Get Their Teeth Done in Turkey

Dental Turkey teeth procedures are often cheaper abroad.

Teeth veneers abroad are usually 30-50% cheaper than in the UK and are often installed much faster. Some clinics offer new teeth in 24 hours.

VK Smile Studii offers a personalised and step-by-step veneer service that includes consultation, modelling and aftercare to ensure the longevity of your veneers.

Dental Treatments Duration in Turkey

You can check the approximate duration of getting teeth done in Turkey, but remember that the actual duration of the Turkey teeth procedure depends on your case.

The veneer treatment usually takes 2-3 visits. On your first visit, your dentist will organise Turkey teeth preparation and take impressions. On the second visit, temporary facets will be installed. On the third visit, permanent facets will be installed. The entire Turkey teeth process can take from 2 weeks to a month.

The crown treatment usually takes 2 visits. Your teeth will be prepared on the first visit. Permanent crown will be installed on the second appointment. This Turkey teeth process can take from 2 weeks to a month.

all on 4 Dental Implants procedure

Teeth implant treatment is longer and can take several months because of osseointegration. The entire Turkey teeth process can take from 3 to 6 months.

Teeth Whitening in Turkey

The teeth whitening treatment usually takes one visit to the dentist. The procedure takes no more than an hour.

The root canal treatment takes one to three visits. The infected pulp will be removed during the first visit. During subsequent visits, your dentist will clean and fill the root canals. The process takes one to two weeks.

Tooth Fillings

Tooth Fillings

The dental filling treatment usually takes one appointment. The dentist will remove decay from the tooth and fill the cavity. The procedure takes no more than an hour.

Why Do People Choose Veneers in Turkey?

Dental Veneers in Antalya, Turkey

Teeth veneers have become more in demand in recent years, with Turkey becoming a popular focus for this treatment due to its affordability.

Veneers in the UK are much more expensive than many clinics in Turkey, so many Brits save money getting teeth done in Turkey.

Why Are Dental Veneers So Affordable in Turkey?

Teeth facets in Turkey may be cheaper due to lower operating costs. Turkish cosmetic dentistry clinics have lower laboratory and dental costs.

Labour costs in Turkey are lower, which reduces the overall cost of facets. Also, the large number of Turkish clinics leads to high competition and lower prices.










Zirconium Porcelain










What Clinic to Choose in Turkey?

When choosing a clinic for getting teeth done in Turkey, the following is essential:

VK Smile Studio dental centre Antalya is proud to meet all these criteria. We are highly respected in the dental tourism industry.

We are confident that you will be satisfied with the quality of our services and the level of care we provide. Contact us today!


Dental facets installed at VK Smile Studio clinic can last up to 15 years or more. How long do Turkey teeth last depends on caring for them and regular checkups.

For veneers from Turkey to last longer, they must be treated the same as regular teeth. This includes regular teeth care.

Veneers last for 15 years, but they can last for even 20 years, depending on several factors. One crucial factor is Turkey teeth prep. Bonding facets to the enamel (rather than to the underlying dentin) creates a stronger bond that will last longer.

You have to replace teeth facets when they wear out. When facets need to be replaced, a new one is made and bonded to the teeth.

You can prevent your facets from coming off by avoiding hitting them with hard objects. This means you should avoid eating hard foods.

Registered dentists at clinics in Turkey licensed by the Ministry of Health provide safe dental treatment to locals and foreigners.

Do your research, whether you are in Turkey or any other country. Be careful and knowledgeable about treatments.

Choose a reliable clinic with an experienced dentist like VK Smile Studio!

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