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Smile Makeover in Turkey

Smile Makeover in Turkey

Poor teeth and gums can negatively impact your face shape and smile, affecting your overall appearance. A smile makeover is a set of treatments that allows you to achieve the most natural and beautiful smile in just a few operations.

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Smile Makeover and Hollywood Smile in Turkey

cosmetic smile makeover in Turkey

The smile makeover treatment is essentially a comprehensive assessment of the aesthetic features of the face, including lips, gums, teeth, etc. Smile makeover dentists analyse the relationship between these elements and also study in detail the features of the patient’s smile. Thanks to this treatment, patients achieve their perfect smile and start a new life.

The smile makeover treatment in Turkey has been actively used for many years. Thousands of patients from European countries returned home with radiant smiles.

Smile Makeover in Turkey Components

It is important to understand that the aesthetic analysis of a smile makeover takes into account many factors that influence its beauty. For example, when laughing, the following are crucial: lip line, the height of teeth, level of gums, the colour of dentition, position of lips and teeth, as well as laughter line.

Turkey Teeth Meaning

Turkey teeth is slang for dental veneers, which are often installed in Turkey.

Sometimes veneers have an unusual and bright white shade, which makes them stand out from natural teeth. This may be due to patients’ desire to get a Hollywood smile in Turkey.

How Much Does a Smile Makeover Cost Turkey?

Smile makeover is an individual approach that includes a set of treatments selected to achieve the best result. Therefore, it is difficult to indicate the exact smile makeover Turkey cost.

However, you can be sure that the smile makeover cost Turkey at VK Smile Studio is significantly lower than in the UK. Dental centre Turkey payment plan will be developed specially for your case! 

Smile Makeovers

Turkey smile makeover is a comprehensive approach that helps you achieve the perfect result and gain confidence in your smile.

Laminate Veneers (Leaf Porcelain)

Dental veneers are thin porcelain shells applied to the dentition’s front surface. They are used to correct minor tooth defects such as chips, cracks, and slight curvature.

Laminate veneers are thinner than porcelain veneers and are used for less significant problems.

Dental crowns are used in cases where the tooth can not support a laminate veneer. A crown covers the entire tooth, replacing its outer surface.

They are also used to correct minor malocclusions.

It is the treatment of changing the dentition shape, size and colour using a composite material.

It is used to correct minor defects such as chips, cracks and minor problems with the shape of dentition.

Gum Graft Surgery

This treatment reshapes the gum line to achieve a more harmonious smile.

It helps make your smile smoother and more beautiful.

Replacing missing dentition with artificial roots (implants) helps improve your bite and restore facial volume.

Implants are used both to replace individual teeth and restore a complete jaw.



Invisalign is an invisible brace for correcting malocclusion.

They allow orthodontic treatment to be carried out discreetly.

Teeth Whitening in Turkey

This is a treatment to bleach the dentition colour. There are two main methods: in-office whitening and home whitening.

Lumineers are thin porcelain pieces applied to the dentition’s front surface.

They are thinner than laminate veneers and are used to correct minor defects in dentition.

Inlays and Onlays are used to restore teeth with moderate caries. These are special inserts that are inserted into the tooth cavity.

How Do VK Smile Studio Work?

Using computer modelling, the smile makeover dentist creates an individual plan for smile makeover, which, taking into account all the details, reflects the patient’s wishes.

Before dental treatment begins, patients can see how their dentition will look with their new smile thanks to computer-aided design.


It could be just 7 days that will change your life! The complete smile makeover at VK Smile Studio takes about 5 days, but we recommend staying an additional 1-2 nights to get used to the new look. A perfect week for a perfect smile!

Smile makeover is designed for those who want to not just smile but shine. It is for those who strive for confidence, health and success.

Smoking can affect the results of smile makeovers, especially whitening and implants. But do not despair! We will find a solution for you too.

With dental veneers and crowns, there are no dietary restrictions. And after whitening, just wait a week with coffee, tea and colouring products. Otherwise, smile to your fullest!

Caring for a transformed smile is easy. Regular visits to the dentist, gentle nutrition and proper hygiene – and your smile will shine for years.

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